This is the story of the alternative architect Michael Reynolds and his construction team. Together they build the so-called “Earthships”, sustainable houses built with garbage and local ecological materials.

The story begins with the big concern arousing from the critical that mankind is facing, such as the urgent energetic crisis and the climate change. Thus, Mike decides to start a new way of living, beginning with the most basic need: the houses. Following his initiative, he proposed to discard conventional methods and create sustainable houses with self-sufficient services and a minimal impact on the environment. These houses provide themselves with water and energy, maintain a comfortable temperature all year round without the need of a heating or air conditioning system, recycle garbage and are mostly built with materials usually classified as garbage: car tyres, used plastic and glass bottles, empty beer cans, etc.

The Spanish subtitles were prepared by the Red de la Transición de la Comarca Andina (Patagonia, Argentina). More details here:

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