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More School Gardens at Pavarotti School!

This week we continued our work in helping local community schools from around Lake Atitlan to create permaculture school gardens, a project which started last year and that will continue for the rest of the school year. Last week we met with the teachers and students we will be working with in implementing a permaculture […]

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School Gardens at Patchitulul Primary School

On April 12th we visited the school in Pachitulul to continue the School Permaculture Gardens Project that was started last year by IMAP.  We walked through the school with the teacher to see how the permaculture gardens were doing and to know what the plans were to continue the work with the permaculture gardens, and […]

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Seed Guardians

This past Saturday IMAP  participated in San Lucas’s celebration of the Oxlajuj B’ak’tun. This celebration of the beginning of a new cycle was composed of a Mayan ball tournament, discourses on environmental themes and the meaning of the Oxlajuj B’ak’tun, musical performances ranging from classic marimba to Tzutujil Hip-Hop, and a theatrical performance by the […]

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