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They say you want a revolution…

It’s official! We’ve launched our Seed Revolution Campaign on Indiegogo.com. There’s a video. There are photos. There are words. Some of them may wind their way into your mind, and some of them may even switch on the lightbulb. Ah, you will say. Ah yes. Or maybe not. But either way, we’re talking about a […]

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Permaculture: More than Planting, Eating and Managing Waste

Permaculturists sometimes forget, or don’t realize, that practicing permacuture is more than creating food forests, rehabilitating land, planting trees, managing resources and using ducks to eat pests on Swiss chard . Anyone with a shovel, a computer, a notebook and a pen could do that. If there’s anything I learned by reading Masanobu Fukoka and the works […]

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In Grave Danger of Falling Food (Documentary by Bill Mollison)

This documentary presents the problems surrounding food production and modern agricultural systems in a clear, unequivocal way. If we don’t change the manner in which we produce our food and to reduce agriculture’s harmful effects on mother nature, we will soon be in grave danger of food shortages. Bill Mollison is a researcher, scientist, professor […]

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