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Introduction to Permaculture course – May 2013

The Introduction to Permaculture course is a great way to find out more about permaculture in Central America. This “taster” will provide an opportunity to get your hands dirty, learn some permaculture basics and get inspired. The Instituto Mesoamericano de Permacultura (IMAP) will be offering a series of 3-day Introduction to Permaculture Course throughout the […]

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Permaculture: More than Planting, Eating and Managing Waste

Permaculturists sometimes forget, or don’t realize, that practicing permacuture is more than creating food forests, rehabilitating land, planting trees, managing resources and using ducks to eat pests on Swiss chard . Anyone with a shovel, a computer, a notebook and a pen could do that. If there’s anything I learned by reading Masanobu Fukoka and the works […]

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